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COM 327: Applied Professional Communication

Course Description

In this course, students will examine and apply communication concepts, theories and skills that are critical to success in business and professional contexts. Students advance their knowledge and skills in interpersonal, group, organizational and public communication contexts. Topics studied include culture, conflict, constructive criticism, decision making, interviewing, language, leadership, networks, nonverbal communication, roles and relationships. Learning activities involve interviewing, researching, preparing presentations, and providing feedback to others. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing, or permission of the Coordinator of the Oral Communication Program. Offered every semester. Fulfills upper-division core requirement for all bachelor's programs.

Course Objectives

Describe the transactional nature of communication and explain the importance of communication to professional life and organizations.

Explain principles and techniques of effective communication in interpersonal, group, organizational, and public speaking contexts.

Outline how networks, leadership, teamwork, roles, and cultural diversity impact workplace communication.

Apply communication concepts, models, and theories to real life situations.

Identify effective means of communicating in organizations and critically analyze the potential impact of one’s own communication choices.

Applied Professional Communication: Project

Video Tutorials Tutorial

In lieu of reading quizzes, students in this course are expected to create brief (3 minutes maximum) Video Tutorials in which they teach the viewer about the content of the assigned reading. The video provided here is the tutorial on creating video tutorials.

At the beginning of the semester and again at the end of the semester, we will hold a “digital showcase” in which you watch your classmates’ videos and provide feedback to them.

Applied Professional Communication: Video

Syllabus: COM 327

Prompt: Applied Research Project 1

Prompt: Training Project

Activity: Nonverbal Communication

Applied Professional Communication: List
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