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Teaching Materials

Teaching is a collaborative and communal practice. You are welcome to use or adapt any of my materials here, with attribution. Please also feel free to contact me​ if you'd like any additional materials not listed here. 

Teaching Materials: Text

American Studies

American Voices

American Heroes in Text & Image

Image by Anthony DELANOIX
Teaching Materials: Projects
Image by Ed Robertson


Introduction to American Literature


The Jazz Age

Robots & Cyborgs & Androids, Oh My!

True Crime

Writing the American Dream

Teaching Materials: Projects

Writing Studies

Composition I

Composition II

College Skills I (Developmental Writing)

College Skills II (Developmental Writing)

Critical Research & Composition

Introduction to Library Resources & Scholarly Writing

Image by Aryan Dhiman
Teaching Materials: Projects
Image by Alexander Grey

Interdisciplinary Studies

First Year Seminar: Technology in Science Fiction & Science Fact

First Year Seminar: Principles vs. Prejudices

Critical Analysis: Healthcare Technology

Integrative Seminar: US Civil Rights Movements

Teaching Materials: Projects

Film/Media Studies

Introduction to Film History & Analysis

Image by Noom Peerapong
Teaching Materials: Projects
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