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Responsibilities: Projects
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Online & Face-to-Face Instruction

Since 2007, I have taught face-to-face courses in Academic Writing, Literature, Cinema, American Studies, First Year Program, and Humanities. I also began teaching online courses in 2020. 

As an instructor, I plan syllabi, design in-class and online instructional materials to foster a Community of Inquiry, maintain effective records, asses assignments,  provide timely feedback, and serve as an intellectual and emotional support to students. 



As Chair of Arts & Sciences at Laboure College, I am a formal mentor for all full-time and part-time faculty. In this capacity, I help faculty develop syllabi and effective online teaching materials, talking through pedagogical strategies, and foster a sense of collegiality and community.

Between 2018 and 2020, I mentored one graduate student per semester in Manhattanville College's GA to TA program. Through this program, students in the MFA in Creative Writing program train to become Writing Center tutors and teach first-year courses in Academic Writing. As a mentor, I meet regularly with the student to discuss pedagogical strategies and concepts, observe their teaching at least once per semester, provide formal and informal feedback, and am generally available to them for assistance in their teaching. 

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Curriculum Development

In 2014, I developed a new curriculum for the College Skills courses in Manhattanville College's Academic Writing Program. Prior to this, the courses were independent studies for students who had not passed First-Year Writing I or II, with poor student outcomes. I redesigned the courses to be slower-paced versions of First-Year Writing, with intensive instruction not only in writing, but also in college readiness skills aimed at helping first-generation students and English language skills aimed at helping multilingual learners. Assessment data demonstrated that the overhaul was a success.

In 2018, I participated in Academic Writing's curricular overhaul. Through this, I conducted research in comparable Writing Studies programs, developed a new leveling system for placement into regular and advanced sections, and co-wrote the proposal that was sent to the College-wide curriculum committee. 

Also in 2018, I participated in the development of a new, interdisciplinary First Year Seminar course and taught in the pilot program in Spring 2019. Through this, I helped develop a standardized syllabus and participated in the creation of effective assessment tools for the program. 



I served as an academic advisor in the American Studies Program at Manhattanville College from 2017 - 2020. My advising duties include handling a caseload of 2-6 students per semester, meeting individually with students to discuss their course selections, and guiding students in planning for their successful completion of school and transition into the workforce.

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I worked as a professional tutor in the Manhattanville College Writing Center from 2015 - 2020. 

Between 2016 and 2019, I served as Manhattanville's College-wide Tutoring Coordinator for the Academic Resource Center (subject-specific tutoring) and the Writing Center. In this capacity, I hired, trained, and supervised tutors, maintained budgets, wrote annual reports, and assessed the efficacy of the programs. 

Study Group

Workshops for Students

In 2016, I developed a study skills presentation and workshop that I have delivered to a range of student groups, including Peer Mentors, First Year Courses, and a Summer Bridge Program. The workshop provides students with a foundational understanding of how to approach college-level studying and tips for seeking help from various support offices.

Responsibilities: Skills
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