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Composition I with Co-Remedial Writing Lab

Course Description

English 101 addresses the major principles of college writing, which are meant to serve students in all the disciplines across the curriculum. The course concentrates primarily on expository and argumentative writing; traditional rhetorical modes; and effective composing, revising, and editing strategies. English 101 covers MLA conventions, and a research paper is required. Critical thinking and reading skills are also stressed. English 101 is a skills based class, meaning every assignment builds on the one before it; therefore, continually missing classes and lessons will impede success.

Student Learning Outcomes

Use the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing;

Employ specific and focused thesis statements and topic sentences;

Develop body paragraphs with full and detailed support;

Use language clearly and precisely and with a level of formality appropriate to academic writing;

Integrate source material into a text and document it correctly, according to MLA style;

Edit writing for grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, and usage;

Write unified and coherent essays in a variety of rhetorical forms.

Additionally, students should:

Read critically and respond analytically to readings in discussion and writing;

Expand vocabulary through reading and the use of a dictionary;

Consider audience when writing essays;        

Engage in and analyze oral discourse effectively.

Composition I with Co-Remedial Writing Lab: Projects

Syllabus: ENG 101


Syllabus: ENG 003

Sample Unit Materials:
Open Letter

Sample Unit Lessons: Open Letters & Using Rhetorical Strategies

Composition I with Co-Remedial Writing Lab: List
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