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Critical Analysis--
Healthcare Technology & Human Dignity

Course Description

This course focuses on the skills and concepts needed to develop reading and listening habits necessary for critical thinking. The course emphasizes thinking skills: comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation in order to develop inter-related questions, which serve as the direction toward better opinions and decisions. Current topics from a variety of sources will provide the basis for analysis and application of skills. Students synthesize learning to present their own positions and arguments. This is a 3 credit course. As the concepts and skills covered in this course are applicable to all disciplines, it should be taken at the beginning of the student’s course of study.

The theme of this course is Health Technology and Human Dignity. Throughout the semester, we will discuss a range of health technology practices, devices, and policies to determine whether they uphold or deny human dignity. We will explore real case studies through news accounts, documentaries, and podcasts as well as fictional ones through short stories, TV shows, and movies.

Student Learning Outcomes

Understand, define, and critically analyze the connections between health technology and human dignity.

Effectively read/watch/hear, analyze, and discuss a range of types of sources

Demonstrate sufficient information literacy to perform basic research and support engaged citizenship

Articulate clear, well-organized, persuasive ideas about health technology and human dignity, in multiple modalities (writing, discussion, image-production, etc.)

Critical Analysis--Healthcare Technology & Human Dignity(ONLINE): Projects

Syllabus: HUM 3010

Prompt: Final Essay

Rubric: Final Essay

Critical Analysis--Healthcare Technology & Human Dignity(ONLINE): List
Critical Analysis--Healthcare Technology & Human Dignity(ONLINE): Pro Gallery
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