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American Voices

Course Description

American Voices is an introductory-level course that examines the quest for soul, character, and personality in American writing, film, and visual art. This is a three credit course with no prerequisites or corequisites.  It fulfills part of the elective course requirements for the American Studies major and minor as well as the Liberal Arts, GE09 Humanities, and GE16 Humanistic Reasoning and Oral Communication Competency requirements.

Course Objectives

Comprehend distinctive American voices, identities, and ideas

Understand representative texts in American history and culture that are recognized for expressing a salient point of view and/or character

Apply interdisciplinary methods of study of American society and culture on an introductory level

Construct reasoned and persuasive arguments about the distinctive meanings, values, and artifacts of human beings when approached from the point of view of their particular histories, languages, and cultures

Use reasoning and/or evidence to articulate clear, precise, well-organized thought, arguments, interpretations, and/or conclusions

Communicate in clear, precise, well-organized speech that engages the audience

Use language appropriate to the subject and to the context of the communication

Demonstrate analytical and critical listening and questioning skills

American Voices: Project

Syllabus: AMS 1050

Prompt & Rubric: Audio Essays

Prompt & Rubric: Midterm Interview Essay


Prompt & Rubric: First Amendment Project + Debate

American Voices: List
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