Robot on Wheels

FYP 1001: First Year Seminar--
Robots & Cyborgs & Androids, Oh My!

Course Description

In “Robots and Cyborgs and Androids, Oh My!” we will examine how artificial intelligence is represented in Science Fiction.  We will explore a range of Sci-Fi machines, from friendly helper robots like Rosie in The Jetsons, to innocent and emotional androids like David in AI, and even evil cyborgs in The Terminator movies.  Through these texts, we’ll discuss themes such as the nature of human intelligence, gender and technology, and the role of robotics in our everyday lives.  We’ll also look at how real world AI researchers and ethicists have faced the important ethical questions about how and whether we should create the types of thinking machines that Science Fiction presents.

Student Learning Outcomes

Develop visual and textual literacy skills through the analysis of a range of Science Fiction texts and critical essays

Interpret Science Fiction representations of artificial intelligence within their historical, cultural, ethical, and scientific contexts

Locate connections among today’s technology, historical discussions of robotics ethics, and Science Fiction representations

Articulate interpretations of and ideas about a range of texts using clear logic and thorough evidence, both verbally and in writing

Work collaboratively to articulate ideas about Science Fiction, using multiple communicative modalities


Syllabus: FYP 1001

Prompt: Midterm Short Story

Prompt: Multimodal Group Project

Lesson: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Discussion and Activity