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Composition II

Course Description

A continuation of ENG 101, with further study of the resources of the language through a critical analysis of imaginative forms of writing. Emphasis will be placed upon well-organized written composition, factually-supported conclusions, and awareness of language variety. Effectiveness of expression and validity of judgment in the student's writing are stressed. Genre reading will include fiction, poetry, and drama.

Student Learning Outcomes

use the writing process—prewriting, writing, drafting, revising, and editing—to write unified and coherent essays;

employ specific and focused thesis statements and topic sentences;

develop body paragraphs with appropriate detailed support;

use language clearly and with a level of formality appropriate to college writing;

integrate source material into a text and document it correctly, according to MLA style; and

edit writing for grammar, mechanics, sentence structure, and usage.

develop persuasive arguments about works of literature and organize support by drawing evidence from texts;

relate a work to its literary, historical, and cultural context; and

analyze the use of a variety of literary terms in drama, poetry, and fiction, including plot, character, theme, point of view, setting, and—for poetry—imagery, figurative devices, and sounds.

Composition II(ONLINE): Project

Syllabus: ENG 102

Prompt: Peer Responses

Prompt: Fiction Analysis

Composition II(ONLINE): List
Composition II(ONLINE): Pro Gallery
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