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Courses Taught

American Studies

  • The American Dream

  • American Heroes in Text & Image

  • American Voices

  • Senior Thesis (Independent Study)

Composition/Writing Studies

  • College Skills I (developmental writing)

  • College Skills II (developmental writing)

  • Composition I (fundamentals of college writing)

  • Composition II (research & rhetoric)

  • Critical Research & Composition

  • Introduction to Library Resources & Scholarly Writing (Online)

Film/Media Studies

  • Film History & Analysis


  • First Year Seminar—Robots and Cyborgs and Androids, Oh My!: Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction

  • First Year Seminar—Technology in Science Fiction and Science Fact

  • First Year Seminar—Principles vs. Prejudices

  • Critical Analysis—Healthcare Technology (Online)

  • Integrative Seminar—US Civil Rights Movements (Online)


  • Introduction to American Literature

  • The Jazz Age

  • Robots & Cyborgs & Androids, Oh My!

Courses Taught: Education
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